stretch mark 9

May 20, 2010

i dont really know what to write. i ran out of stretch marks.


stretch mark 8

May 20, 2010

 my eight stretch mark was when i got suspended for the first ever at burton. i couldnt have picked a worst time to get suspended because its so close to graduation. even though i got suspended im still graduating on stage but i cant go to santa cruz and i have to do community service. i have to clean the benches and also paint them i think. i got suspended because i fought some kid that was talking shit and i then i started unloading on his ass. i punched him like 7 or 8 times and then i stopped because he didnt want to fight back. why talk shit if you cant back it up? even though i hit him i felt hella stupid because thats not the kind of person i am. i felt like shit after beause the kid was crying in the office. i apoligized after and then i had a meeting with ms. sobalvarro and mr. so and they said that i can graduate but i have to clean up and do some other shit.

stretch mark 7

May 20, 2010

my seventh stretch mark is when i was on the bus i saw this bum fight. it was real funny beacuse they were talking shit to each other about how there hella dirty.There fucking bums, arent they going to be dirty.EPIC FAIL. when they were complaining and talking shit the bus driver kept making hard stop which made the the bums to keep falling around and shit. they both was hella stinky and they were hella old. i dont know if this is a stretch mark or not but im going to tell you about it any ways. the bums were real mad each other and started swinging which was even funnier because they had a buch of layers on and they could hardly even move. after they got off and went on 3rd street lookin like stinky ass idiots.

stretch mark 6

May 20, 2010

my sixth stretch mark im going to talk about how i went to my cousins luau. the luau was pretty good. t-pot performed at burton the past saturday. they did a whole bunch of dancing numbers. first they were at hawaii then tonga and last in samoa. i served that day to help out elu and help make the food and prepare it. we made chicken, potato salad, and some chop suey. it was great night. no fighting , no baby drama, or nobody complaining how the food wasnt good. it was a long night because i got there at 4 and didnt leave till 10. it way worth it because i got to help out which is always good and i got to see them dance for free. the choir also performed and they were great. i got paid 10 dollars which was good but i wasnt expecting to get anything but a thank you. after the whole thing was done the dances gave me an idea of what i should do at graduation and its going to be fun.

stretch mark 5

May 20, 2010

my fifth stretch mark i  listened to a variety of different music. some kind of music i listened to is Fall out boy and All american rejects and ACDC. i thought there music is freakin awesome. it was a whole different experience with the screamin singin, drum beating, guitar rockinsongs. i thought it was better then the rap shit where all they talk about is girls and money. i also thought it was better then that depressing reggae where they just smoke weed and talk about dont worry be happy. even though im talkin shit about reggae i listen to it when im depressed and all i want to do is be happy. rock music is cool because they sing some cool shit like american suitehearts and sex but dont use the word sex in there lryics. now i listen to rock music when i get into troubel and get sreamed at. i go up to my room and i turn my ipod all the way up and fuckin rock out to green day, fall out boy, and all american rejects. this kind of music is soothing to me when i ever feel like shit and nothing is goin the way that i wanted to.

stertch mark 4

May 20, 2010

my fourth stretck im going to talk about something i ate for the first time. its a samoan food call palusami. the first time i ate it, it was freakin awesome. its aig taro leaf with coconut milk that you pour inside. you heat it up and then can eat it with taro. my dad made it a lot for church but i never bothered to try because i though it was so damn disgusting. i finally ate it thinking it was going to taste like dirt and nuts. it was actually kind of good. im not really into eating samoan food because that shit is just fat and your going to end up getting heart attacks and stroaks before 40.  samoan food is good but its a heart attack waiting for your ass. i would give samoan food for my like, fuck yeah. but miss if you want to eat some palusami then go on geneva across the street from mcdoanlds there three samoan stores that serve food.

stretch mark 3

May 20, 2010

the third stretch mark is about me learning how to play the ukulele. its pronounced(ook)-(kah)-(leh)-(leh). it was actually kind of easy because theres only 4 strings and i got big hands. the uke is a small ass guitar that sound freakin awesome when you know how to play it. im using my little sisters uke. she got her uke for free from our school. why cant our school give out free ukes? why are we so cheap for? anyways i learned how to play jason mraz- im yours. its kind of easy if you got big and fast hands that can switch positions. a bunch of people play  the uke at school but there not that good. i got a friend name lochlein. that dude is like a prodigy on the uke. he can play by ear. im hoping i can get better on the uke so i could play the guitar. if you know how to play the uke then you definatley can play the guitar.

stretch mark 2

May 20, 2010

for my second stretch mark im going to write about this movie that i watched. the movie was called american history x. this movie was fuckin awesome. im not sure if this is a stretch mark but if it is then great. the movie is about a skin head and how he hates anybody thats not white. he kills a black my kickin his teeth into the curb and goes to jail. when in jail he meets other skin heads and finds out that them white boys areant no good. they butt raped the shit out of him. he had to get stitches. also in jail he met a black guy where the black guy taught him about that race shit is all just non sense.after he gets released he turns on all the skin heads and try to get his brother to stop doing that shit. he also tries to get his family heading into the right way but its to late for his little brother gets merked at school by a black guy. well thats it for this stretch mark. good bye.

Stretch mark 1

May 20, 2010

hi miss. my first stretch mark im going to talk about the book you bought me. thank you. im reading the historian which is a great book. ive been reading this book all semester because im not a fast reader and i get bored fast. this book is good. its about the truth about count dracula and how he exists. im not done but when i am ill tell you. the book is about a girl and how she has a bunch of papers on dracula. its real good and it was like 18 dollars i think. im reading it because im into that vampire and dracula shit and people getting there blood sucked. also true blood season 3 comes out on june 13 and i cant wait for that bloodsucking, nude showing, mind trickin show to come on. its going to be awesome with filling on top.


May 17, 2010

this week we did our powerpoint on north korea. i thought it went alright. this week the seniors got finals.woooooooooohooooooooooo. that means after this week there is or more work and im free from school. thinking about graduation makes me excited because i can do anything. we got to clean up and take care of the school. i hope the graduation is quick short and sweet so we all can go home and do what high school graduates do. i think im going to miss school only cause i cant hang out with my friends and messing the teachers