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Entry #1

August 28, 2009

Some new things that i learned this week were Socratic Seminar, Metacognition, and some other stuff i didnt know about. Something i found really easy was the Socratic Seminar. I found easy beacuse there were no writing, all there was talking about the topic which was lying. Something that was confusing to me was the notebook with vocabulary word. It was confusing i didnt why we did it for, i mean we couldve wrote the sentences and defination instead of writing when used the word. The notebook thing was just like the thing we did in 10th grade and i failed the english class. One concept that i would want to lear more is Socratic Seminar. I wanna learn more because it can help you learn speak in front of large crowds. It also helps you express yourself and you can hear other people opinion. This weeks timing was all bad. 1 thing i can do to better my time management is take 1 thing at time and figure out what you actually need to do. Something i will learn to do to overcome my most significant learning is gi every thing once. if its not good then i will cut myself until i cant cut myself no more.


Hello world!

August 28, 2009

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