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September 28, 2009

This week we learned about a whole new bunch of stuff. Some new things that i learned this week was always do your work when its due. if you dont do stuff on time then your going to get into a lot of trouble if i dont then ima lose a lot of points. Another new thing i learned this week was how calvin and hobbes went on little adventures and always gave each other difficult times. And another thing i learned this week is how to write a good introduction,thesis, and a great conclusion. things i found confusing was that why my coach dosent let us skip the lunch meetings and let us go to our teachers if we need help in other subjects. i would like to learn more about the socratic seminar because i got a 25/40 on my seminar and i want to know how i can improve on it. another new thing i want to learn in class is the pathos,logos, and ethos because we only spent 1 day on it and iwant to get a readers attention by doing an essay. Something i want to improve in is staying on task and being on track. if i cant do my goals then ima cut myself into 100000000 pieces and hoping the dogs will eat my miserable life away.



September 21, 2009

This week what i learned in english class was that how people have different opinions on different subjects. Some new things that i learned this week was how to get started on an essay or even how to write a good essay and what it needs to be a good essay. something i found confusing was socratic seminar. i found it confusing beacuse was there a point for us talking about the same thing we have talking about the past 2 weeks. Something new i want to learn is some new words like how we do in the vocab journal. i want to learn new words so i can broaden my vocabulary and dont get stuck talking the same way i was in 10th grade.  another new thing i want to learn is how to finish an essay and make the reader say ” i hope this guy wrote some more because he’s awesome”. My goals for this week is stay on task and dont get distracted off little stuff and have good time management beacuse last week i didnt do my homework untill 11.00 at night. i was slacking and what i would do to make goals come true is really stay focused and dont get distracted. if i dont do this im going to cut mysel in a million pieces and feed to the wolves.


September 14, 2009

This week i learned new things in english class. Somethings new that i learned was how hard to to something with an handicap like saying everything that rhymes. another new thing i learned was that Ethos,Pathos, and logos. Things that i found confusing was Pathos,Ethos,Logos for several reasons. i found it confusing beacuse we only went over for 1 day and sometimes 1 or more things can be meant the same. I would like to learn more about the pathos,logos,ethos because its my first time hearing about it and i want to expand my thinking process. Something i want to learn new this week is something similar to the pathos thing. my goal for this week is keeping myself oocupied during class beacuse all i want to do is go to lunch or go to sleep. Another goal of mine this week is do all my homework for all my classes and hopefully do good at this football game. We got scarped 46-0, so im hoping if dont have to worry about doing my homework every night and just doing  during school i could perform better on the field and in school. If i cant do all this then i will try even harder every week so i can be successful.

Entry# 2

September 10, 2009

Something new i learned last week was about how much crazy people there are in the world. I learned how kids can get tried as an adults if they do something real bad.  Another thing i learned is how you have to see a situation in a different peoples point of view. What i found easy was writing notes and underlining the important facts, introduction, and main arguments. Something i found really confusing was the reason why we were reading about how kids are tried as adults and they get scared to do there consequences. i mean if they cant do the crime dont do the time. it was confusing for me because there other stuff going on like, World hunger, the war, and human trafficking.  it was confusing because instead telling us about this crap we can be tought how we change the future. One thing i would want to learn more about is peoples point of view. i would want to learn more about it so we can see whats going on in peoples head and figure why they act like it. One thing im going to try improve in is time management. i want to improve in it because i sometime usually never get time to do homework. i i cant improve then im going to cut myself till i cant cut myself no more.