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October 27, 2009

This week i learned a whole bunch of new stuff. i learned a new word from our vocab journal. another new thing i learned is that dont ever trust a man named trujillo because he’s going to freakin rape and murder the shit out of you. another new thing i learned is someother stuff ms.traverso told us. something i found confusing was why are we always reading about drama and shit. why cant we ever read about something good like food and unicorns. i think its a waste of time for us to read about other peoples drama and then its going to make us go crazy and kill ourselves. something new i want to learn next week is Q’S and R. it stands for question and relationship. i want to learn more about it so i can expand my vocabulary and rule the world. my goal for next week is to outrun USAIN BOLT in a 100 meter yard dash. another goal is to travel back in time so i can meet abe lincoln and see who really killed John F Kennedy. if i dont suceed im going to starve myself until im skin and bones.



October 26, 2009

Some new stuff i learned this week is a newe word. another new thing i learned this week is dont ever bet on the 49ers if there facing the falcons because they got there ass spanked. i lost 25 dollars because the 49ers dont know how to score touchdowns. another thing i learned is dont do stuff at the last minute because its going to look sloppy. something i found confusing this week was the reason why we were doing that crap on the computer. i mean are we really going to use this blog crap when we graduate from high school. Another confusing thing i found this week was why didnt burton get hit with the swine flu yet. im pretty sure butron has the swine flu because were the dirtiest school in the city. i think burton has swine flu but the teachers dont want to say anything beacuse they want to get paid. something new i want to learn next week is how to hypnotize a hypnotist. is it even possible. my goals are to do all my work and stay on task and find how to hypnotize people


October 14, 2009

Some thing new i learned was how to do a podcast and learn how to edit it. Another new thing i learned was why podcasts is so stupid and i hope who ever mad podcast fall down right now. finally the last thing that i learned is dont ever let your little sisters go to a different school then you. Something that i found confusing was why on earth does GLEE comes on at wednesday at 9.00. Another thing i found confusing why they build a room at burton and they make us schedule to go in there and use there damn laptops. i think its retarded in so many ways why they made rule. Something new i want to learn is the do’s and dont’s of an essay. i want to learn that because i want perfect score on all my essays so i can make it to college. my goals for next week is behave in class and do all my work. i can do all my work if ms.traverso stops giving us so much like were all geniuses. if i cant sucessed  in my goals then ima try even harder or jump off a 55 story buliding face furst while drinking coca-cola and eatin some cheetos!!


October 14, 2009

This week i learned so much new stuff. i learned how to finish an essay. another new thing i learned was the do’s and dont’s of an essay. another new thing i learned that week was dont ever let football get in the way of school stuff and church. Something i found confusing was why we have to do an podcast. i mean, do you really want every body in the whole entire universe to know about your life or personal statement. there sexual predators that are waiting for us to slip up and make a wrong move and come find us and attack us when we least expect it. some thing new i want to learn this week is self-defense from huge overweight hairy still livin with there moms perverted men. some thing else new i would want to learn is a move that can knockout some body with just one touch so i can do that to my coach and we can skip those senseless lunch football meetings and waste of a time football practices for an about 3 hours. one of my goals for next week is go to a karate class and figure out why i should do a podcast.