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November 4, 2009

this week i learned a lot because i wanted to. i learned that if your dominican republic and you like your own cousin its perfectly fine. another thing i learned is that 4th period cusses way more then any other period that you have. also another thing i learned is that dont ever go against trujillo because he’ll rape the shit out of you and your family too. something i found confusing last week was the what kind of question it was like right there or its not in text but you know the answer. another thing i found confusing is why we learn something for 1 day and then we never go back to it again like the ethos,pathos, and logos. i dont think people is going to do good on your final if you expect us to learn something in 1 day and then expect us to remember. something new i want to learn next week is everything we went over for only 1 day so you wouldnt have to hear ” we didnt go over this”. my goals for next week is to do everything right like albert einstein because he is hella smart and he” rape trujillo in a math test. if i dont suceed i will jump off the 3rd floor of burton wit a knife in my back.