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stretch mark #4

December 31, 2009

my fourth stretch mark i volunteered to help the people in samoa. i didnt go to samoa but i helped at my church gather a whole bunch clothes. there was 2 big ass boxes full of clothes and we dindt finish putting everything. so we had to ship it off on our own. when i heard that samoa had an earthquake i said to myself ” is that even possible. there in the middle of an ocean. is everybody? what can i do to help my people in samoa?” as i tried going home my fat as football coach asked why im not going to football practice and i told his fat ass i got an family emergency. it felt good gathering up that clothes knowing that its going somewhere people reall need it. it felt even better when i seen the truck come and pick the clothes and blankets. when they toldme it was going to western samoa i was even happier because the ckothes i might see my cousin wearing it next time i go out to samoa. when my church went to this seminar at burton around 6.00 they interviewed her and she looked like a straight up retard. it was a relief when our family called my mom telling her they were alright. that whole voulntary experience was a wake up call to me. it taught me to cherish everything you got beause the things that arent vaulable to you might to a person that dosent have much who eats dog food every night and drinks dirty water with a whole bunch of crap in there.


strecth mark #3

December 31, 2009

my third stretch mark i learned how to play the piano. the piano is a very commplicated instrument to play. the keys are really hard to hit when your hands are stiff and it dosent move that much. theres a whole bunch of people that knows how to play the piano like ray charles, stevie wonder, john legend, bethoven, and even mozart. learning how to play the piano was sot of complicated for me because i couldnt read music notes, so i would go on youtube or ask one of my cousins to teach me. it was also complicated because can play the piano better then me and they would make fun of me because im hella weak at playing the piano. i learned so many songs its not even funny. the songs i learned how to play was all my life, apoligize, in the jungle, just my imagination,  amd  so sick of love songs. thes songs were fairly easy to learn because its usaully just one key but i wasnt to learn that toght shit like tennesee walts, the entertainer, or even cannon, that will be some sick shit if i knew how to play tha sick music. i rather have learned try playing by reading notes so i can anything all i need is a sheet of music. the piano is a great instrument to just set your self loose and let it loosen up. i yjink bethoven did when he noticed he was going deaf so he expressed himself through his piano playin. the pianois an awesome instrument and if the world all learned how to play piano the world would be a relaxful,peaceful, and soothing place to live in. THE PIANO ROCKS MY SOCKS ABD COULD ROCK YOURS IF YOU LEARNED HOW TO PLAY IT!!!!!!

stretch #2

December 30, 2009

my second stretch mark i learned how to play a instrument. the instrument i learned how to play or trying to play was the guitar. it was real hard because my hands are so big and when i play a note my hand overlaps the string. i started practicing for about 2-3 weeks until somebody untuned the guitar. ive haD the guitar since eighth grade. it was just sitting around collecting dust. there 2 songs i learned on youtube. it was hard because i had to keep pausing and i had to learn the note. the songs i learned was tears in heaven resang by adeaze. that song was hella hard it took me about 2 weeks to get it down. it was also hard because when adeaze plays guitar its LEGENDARY. the second song i learned how to play was the redemption song by bob marley. i like that song because the bass line is sick. also i like this sing because its real easy. this song took me about 2 days to get it down. the guitar is cool instrument and its a tight way how talented like adeaze, eric clapton, or even bob marley expresses themselves through there music and how they can change so many peoples lives with music. i wish when i was younger i was i knew how to play so when im this age i could go to a music/art school and not go to that bullshit of school that we call philip and sala burton. if everybody in the world knew how to play the guitar or even a single instrument the world be a better place, and music brings out the good out of everybody and thats what the world needs.

Entry #13

December 7, 2009

this week it was a whole bunch of stuff i learned. i learned how to write diaries about somebody else. another new thing i learned was a new word from our vocab journal. and finally another thing i learned was the difference about there, their, the ‘re. something new i want to learn this week is more about quote anaylsis. another thing i want to learn is when to use the right words like is/isnt, and some other stuff. stuff i found confusing was why do the damn 49ers always lose when they have a chance to go to playoffs. they freakin blow. another thing i found confusing was the stretch marks, i learned how to play a new instrument but i dont know if i have to write a summary on it or take a picture playing the instrument. my goals for this week or the whole grading period is to work hard and get a good grade. if i dont accomplish this goal im going to have to go to night school next semester