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Blog #1

January 26, 2010

last week i created a goodsread account and now i got hella friends. my account was swarming with friend requests from people i didnt know.  I also did a book talk in ms.ashkenes’s class in front of hella sophomores. something i learned was how to figure out new themes and my opinon on family and all the other good stuff.something new i want to learn this week is how to make an electronic scrap book. Another new thing i want to learn is how to change your accent in to a british one. that would be AWESOME. Something i found confusing was to find out the themes. my goals this week is to do all my work on time so i can graduate and get up out that bitch. if i dont suceed in my goals then im going to be a epic fail and ima drown my self in cranberry vodka


stretch mark #9

January 13, 2010

My 9th stretch mark im going to talk when i went to long beach. i went to long beach in september for my brothers birthday. it was just me and him and he turned 21 i think. we stayed with our cousins and it was experience. we met hella gangsta ass samoans that are hella cool. there some crazy ass samoans but there hella coo. there cool because they dont try to mug you out there or try to start shit out there. it seems like every day we were at a park playing basketball, volleyball, and football. when it was my brother Piper’s birthday he got messed up. i dont drink or smoke so i remember every thing that went down. The gangsta samoans rep Fam-Bam there not a color gang, they just dont like the 4 tangoes. there language down there is retarded. it seems like i was always talking to an illeterate idiot that didnt even finish 3rd grade. i mean they were cool but shit i like to talk to somebody that dosent say “fuckin” in every sentence. i felt like taking them to school so they can expand there vocabulary. There all cool but being a gangsta can get you so far, like always looking over your shoulder thinking somebody’s ready to kill you. When we down there we got into a fight but thats another story and its a waste of time.


January 12, 2010

my winter break was awesome for so many reasons. one of the reasons why it was so great because i got to sleep in and i slept in for hella long. when i went to sleep i dreamed about graduating and finding a job. another reason why it was great because it was christmas and we were havin a fun time and getting drunk. i drank alcohol like it was water and it was AWESOME. in the morning when had my hangover i was kinda mad but i knew it was my fault so i went to go take a shower and play the video game. on christmas day we had a feast but before we ate we had to go to church because thats like a tradition for our family and we give presents to people at our church. on new years day i stayed home and at hella cheese cake. my cousins cheese cake is bomb. he puts strawberrys on top of the creame cheese and the crust has almonds in it. the pie was great and want some right now

stretch mark # 8

January 3, 2010

on my eighth stretch mark im going to talk how i joined the book club at this program was going to for about 3 weeks. at first i thought the progam sucked and it was hella boring. all it was at first was just reading some boring ass books that i really didnt care about because i hated reading and i thiught it was a waste of my time. then i gave the book club a chance and i actually tried to read it i found the book club to be kind of fun. it wasnt fun at first because i didnt give it a chance and now that its over i try reading as much as i can. the book club made me realize that reading can make you smarter and broaden your vocabulary. the book club also made me realize that boooks are fun all you have to do is imagine. the book club was fun i was sad had to be done because i was just getting into it when there was only one more week of the book club.

stretch mark#7

January 3, 2010

for my seventh stretch mark im going to talk about how went to a 49ers game. i went to a monday night football game with my brother and was awesome. that was my second ever football game i went to. the 9ers wooped on the cardinals. they forced 7 turnovers and i was yelling at kurt warner the arizona cardinals quaterback retire already your older then king tut. i was happy that i went because the kept there playoff chances alive with that win. even the 9ers cant go to the playoffs anymore, at least we can say that the arizona cardinals hasnt beat in over 2 seasons. when the 49ers were playing they looked like a posest team with a vengence ready to just rape anything or anybody that got in there was. there were a lot 49er faithfull fans that stayed till the end of the game and it was just a great scene that san francisco 49er put on and there defense on hit. alex smith the 49ers quaterback was doing terrific and he finally looked like a real nfl quaterback. the rookie micheal crabtree was doing great too, he had a nice touchdown cath that he made happen. when i went it was sort of cold but i came prepared with two sweaters in. i didnt want to leave but i had to because the next day i had to go school. i didnt want to tell anybody that i went because if we wouldve lost i wouldve heard a lot of shit talkers at school the next day.the 49ers now are 7-8 and hoping to defeat the weak ass st.louis rams this week as there final game of there season. hopefully patrick willis can win defensive player of the year and vernon davis can go to the pro bowl because they both had breakout seasons. the 49ers are going to have have a great season next year and go to the supeprbowl..GUARENTEED

stretch mark #6

January 3, 2010

on my sixth stretch mark i went to a chinese restaurant and it was bad ass. it was a buffet and they had everlasting ice cream with chocolate dipping that hardens up when you pour it on the ice cream. the restarant is called beijings and its just off the free way 101 south. when i walked in there i thought it was going to be nasty and there were going to be selling rats on sticks and cats with there tails still on. i was wrong and the food was great. it was cheap and i think i want to go there some other day when its just me and my friends. the only bad thing about beijing’s is you have to tell them what kind of soda you want. they have section where its all meat and thats my favorite section. it was very clean and the people were hella nice. this place is like a chinese hometown buffet.

stretch mark #5

January 2, 2010

for my fifth stretch mark i read the book harry potter and the half blood prince. that book was the shit. i never thought that books can be so amusing to read. the book had me at the edge of my seat like i was watching a damn movie. the book was exciting and i liked how it was almost a mystry. the book was awesome and when i read the next one im going to put it on my next semester stretch mark. in the book harry all of sudden became smarter then hermonie and hermonie was jealous that ron had a new girlfriend. harry becomes more involved in trying to defeat the dark side and he finds more friends and some more enemys. in the book harry beats malfoy in a wizard off and then harry gets into trouble. later on malfoy tries to join the dark side and he all has to do is is kill albus dumbadore. he dosent do it because he a punk and he’s not real hardcore. before all this harry thinks he killed lord vouldahmort because he drank his blood which kills him but he didnt and felt hella molded. after that harry takes albus dumbadore back to hogwartz and takes care of him for a few days. later they talk and malfoy was going to kill albus dumbadore but he gets scared so professer snape one of albus dumbadore’s best friends killed him and ran away off to the dark side. it was sad that it had to end this way but i dont think its the end between harry and dark side.