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February 22, 2010

this week i learned that its alright to have a alter ego because at the end if you just tell the truth everything will be alright. another thing i learned is how to count cards or think i can count cards. it seemed esay on the movie 21. it was just basic math +1 if a hgh card and -1 if a low card. im pretty sure its way harder then just math. Last week i got sick and it sucked but i got to stay home for one day just to stay in my bed. last i found confusing why san francisco’s weather is so bipolar. this week i want to learn about the greek gods because i just watched lighting theif and the gods seem cool. my goals for this week is to finish strong on this grading period and get good grades



February 17, 2010

last week we watched that earnest movie with reese witherspoon. i finished the story and it was kind of week. i like books with no good endings because the reader will never see it comin. also last week i learned how to do a handstand with 1 hand. another thing i learned this week is dont try to prank your friends by sending them a valentines because ther just going to throw awy the candy. i learned how to play celebrity in my spanish class but it was boring because i cheat in every thing i play. even in football, when the coaches told us to run 5 laps i would run about 3 and say im done. i even cheat at cards when were playing 21. i want to be known as the worlds greatest con artist so i an have my own show and me helping the fbi.


February 9, 2010

this week i learned that i dont have a good british accent but i do have a good irish accent. i learned about how people have alter ego’s because they dont feel good about them selves. i also learned a new word from the vocab journal. something i found confusing was the quote analysis because i really dont like that kind of stuff. what i liked about this week was those questions for homework. Another thing i found confusing was why san francisco weather is so bi-polar and my spanish teacher alwasys passes me up when he is getting ready to stamp do nows. i mean i do the damn do nows and he always seem to pass me up. i think he’s scared of me but why mrs. manalo isnt scared of me and she’s like 4ft. i also heard about that weak ass superbowl and how roger godell(nfl commissioner) plans the super bowl and how the nfl is corrupt like the goverment on 24 and prison break.

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February 1, 2010

this week we did a electronic scrap book which basically looked like a powerpoint. i did the powerpoint and when it was time to present my profile was hacked by the Goverment because im a genius and im thinking of buildin a WOMD so i can end the war in iraq. They also jepordized my plans because i was in touch with apoodooka aliens from the planet of uranus. so when my powerpoint couldnt be brought up and i felt bad for my group but then i realized i dont need this shit…jk. Something i found confusing was the easybib site. i hate doing that kind of shit. one thing i want to learn this week is to make a stone scrapbook so i can show my caveman friends. my goals for this week is to do another powerpoint because the other one was hacked and corrupted by the goverment. if i dont do them i will go against the americans and bleach myself and get blue contacts so i can join those crazy nazi’s.