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April 30, 2010

we did a poster this week. i created this one up top by myself because gay ass emmanuel didnt wanna help and he was acting like a bag of douche. this weekend was prom and i heard that shit sort of dry. i didnt want to go because i didnt have any money and i had to take care of my mom. i think that new program that the school put on makes the computer hella slow and i feel like were in the book 1984. it dosent make any sense to put that new program at the end of the year. our school is retarded, going on youtube couldnt hurt us in anyway or anybody.



April 26, 2010

i hate school. i hate my third period teacher. i hate my schedule. i hate the book 1984. i hate schoolloop. i hate truency. i hate that they send letters to my house. i hate report cards. i hate mondays. i hate blogs. i hate not playing modern warfare 2. i hate star testing. i hate the schedule for star testing. i hate running. i hate looking at lady gaga. i hate her music. i hate that i got a C+. i hate the month april. i hate stretch marks. i hate waking up in the morning. i hate emmanuel(lol.). i hate the raiders.


April 19, 2010

this week i learned some new stuff. i seen this video on barack obama where he said that he’s been to 57 states. thats a education and president FAIL. thats a FAIL in being the president of united states and that is so dumb. another thing i learned is dont ever trust a lepurcahn with some money because i let one borrow so money i think and he hasnt payed me back. ii was halusanating because i was high off grades was do this week and i fucked up so bad that i drank a whole bunch of water.. school is fuckin boring and cant wait to leave!!!

blog# 11

April 12, 2010

i dont even care about blogs anymore. its hell stupid and i think who created blogs should go suck on zeus’s big toe. i got a D+ i your class and that blows big time. i got to turn in my stuff, its all in my back pack and i got all the do nows and shit. can i turn in my work my this week?


April 8, 2010

over spring break i did whole bunch of crazy shit. i fought a giraffe that was as tall mount fuji. it was hard fought battle but im came up victorius with SPAS(giraffe’s name) head on a stick. later that night we feasted on SPAS like a pack of wolves. SPAS was good. he tasted like beer as cold from the rockies. later that week we seeked revenge on INTERVENTION(lion’s name) because he ate our music boy faster then the twin towers falling on 9-11. it was hard battle, INTERVENTION destroyed most of my soldiers, ripping them up into a million pieces. as he was destroying them a brave, courageous, crazy ass dude, BAMF, soldier name DAEHKCID grabbed INTERVENTION’S balls and licked them and shoved it straight down his throat. When we coming back from the battle we were singing JUSTIN BIEBER– Baby ft Ludacris. we watched a movie but ill tell you in the next blog.