stertch mark 4

my fourth stretck im going to talk about something i ate for the first time. its a samoan food call palusami. the first time i ate it, it was freakin awesome. its aig taro leaf with coconut milk that you pour inside. you heat it up and then can eat it with taro. my dad made it a lot for church but i never bothered to try because i though it was so damn disgusting. i finally ate it thinking it was going to taste like dirt and nuts. it was actually kind of good. im not really into eating samoan food because that shit is just fat and your going to end up getting heart attacks and stroaks before 40.  samoan food is good but its a heart attack waiting for your ass. i would give samoan food for my like, fuck yeah. but miss if you want to eat some palusami then go on geneva across the street from mcdoanlds there three samoan stores that serve food.


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