stretch mark 2

for my second stretch mark im going to write about this movie that i watched. the movie was called american history x. this movie was fuckin awesome. im not sure if this is a stretch mark but if it is then great. the movie is about a skin head and how he hates anybody thats not white. he kills a black my kickin his teeth into the curb and goes to jail. when in jail he meets other skin heads and finds out that them white boys areant no good. they butt raped the shit out of him. he had to get stitches. also in jail he met a black guy where the black guy taught him about that race shit is all just non sense.after he gets released he turns on all the skin heads and try to get his brother to stop doing that shit. he also tries to get his family heading into the right way but its to late for his little brother gets merked at school by a black guy. well thats it for this stretch mark. good bye.


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