stretch mark 3

the third stretch mark is about me learning how to play the ukulele. its pronounced(ook)-(kah)-(leh)-(leh). it was actually kind of easy because theres only 4 strings and i got big hands. the uke is a small ass guitar that sound freakin awesome when you know how to play it. im using my little sisters uke. she got her uke for free from our school. why cant our school give out free ukes? why are we so cheap for? anyways i learned how to play jason mraz- im yours. its kind of easy if you got big and fast hands that can switch positions. a bunch of people play  the uke at school but there not that good. i got a friend name lochlein. that dude is like a prodigy on the uke. he can play by ear. im hoping i can get better on the uke so i could play the guitar. if you know how to play the uke then you definatley can play the guitar.


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