stretch mark 5

my fifth stretch mark i  listened to a variety of different music. some kind of music i listened to is Fall out boy and All american rejects and ACDC. i thought there music is freakin awesome. it was a whole different experience with the screamin singin, drum beating, guitar rockinsongs. i thought it was better then the rap shit where all they talk about is girls and money. i also thought it was better then that depressing reggae where they just smoke weed and talk about dont worry be happy. even though im talkin shit about reggae i listen to it when im depressed and all i want to do is be happy. rock music is cool because they sing some cool shit like american suitehearts and sex but dont use the word sex in there lryics. now i listen to rock music when i get into troubel and get sreamed at. i go up to my room and i turn my ipod all the way up and fuckin rock out to green day, fall out boy, and all american rejects. this kind of music is soothing to me when i ever feel like shit and nothing is goin the way that i wanted to.


One Response to “stretch mark 5”

  1. vltraverso Says:

    listening to music is not a stretch mark

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