stretch mark 6

my sixth stretch mark im going to talk about how i went to my cousins luau. the luau was pretty good. t-pot performed at burton the past saturday. they did a whole bunch of dancing numbers. first they were at hawaii then tonga and last in samoa. i served that day to help out elu and help make the food and prepare it. we made chicken, potato salad, and some chop suey. it was great night. no fighting , no baby drama, or nobody complaining how the food wasnt good. it was a long night because i got there at 4 and didnt leave till 10. it way worth it because i got to help out which is always good and i got to see them dance for free. the choir also performed and they were great. i got paid 10 dollars which was good but i wasnt expecting to get anything but a thank you. after the whole thing was done the dances gave me an idea of what i should do at graduation and its going to be fun.


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