stretch mark 8

 my eight stretch mark was when i got suspended for the first ever at burton. i couldnt have picked a worst time to get suspended because its so close to graduation. even though i got suspended im still graduating on stage but i cant go to santa cruz and i have to do community service. i have to clean the benches and also paint them i think. i got suspended because i fought some kid that was talking shit and i then i started unloading on his ass. i punched him like 7 or 8 times and then i stopped because he didnt want to fight back. why talk shit if you cant back it up? even though i hit him i felt hella stupid because thats not the kind of person i am. i felt like shit after beause the kid was crying in the office. i apoligized after and then i had a meeting with ms. sobalvarro and mr. so and they said that i can graduate but i have to clean up and do some other shit.


One Response to “stretch mark 8”

  1. vltraverso Says:

    this does not count as a stretch mark

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